Jaroff Design

Jaroff Design , designs, fabricates and installs custom, high-end architectural metal and glass, working closely for over three decades with the architecture, interior design, construction and art communities.

Founded by artist Joseph Jaroff , our company undertakes the most challenging of projects for the most exacting of clientele. Jaroff’s artistic training informs every project, as clients benefit from his devotion to beauty and unparalleled knowledge of metal and glass.

Jaroff Design services range from commissioned sculptures to targeted problem solving, from feasibility studies to lead coordination on multiyear projects. Regardless of scale, each project beings with a collaborative exchange of ideas, resulting in a completed project that perfectly translates the initial vision into material form.

Jaroff Design reaches beyond the standards in architectural metal and glass, including a proprietary palette of handcrafted finishes, plating options, reinforced composite materials and surface alternatives.

Jaroff Design welcomes new challenges; our specialties include:

  • Doors, Gates & Windows
  • Furniture & Hardware
  • Lighting & Fixtures
  • Marquees
  • Facades
  • Sculpture
  • Stairs & Rails


Jaroff Design