Original Design

Jaroff Design offers the opportunity to commission original work by artist Joseph Jaroff. Each design project begins with a collaborative exchange of ideas resulting in a completed proejct that is the perfect realization of the client’s vision.

Design Consulting & Development of Details, Means & Methods

Jaroff Design works with clients from inception to installation, interfacing with all involved parties to refine the design and ensure smooth and successful project execution. We can also provide targeted design consulting for specific aspects along the way, including all aspects of engineering the project.

Project Management                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Jaroff Design leads the design, contractor, subcontractor and client rep team, developing the project timeline and seamlessly orchestrating all aspects of the job from beginning to end.

Feasibility Studies

Jaroff Design evaluates technical and fiscal feasibility of complex ideas put forth by its clients in relation to individual components as well as the entire scope fo the project.

Material Sourcing and Testing

Relying on an in-depth knowledge of material and process we determine material choices based on project specifications. Jaroff Design is in constant search of new innovations in glass and metal and continues to increase its understanding of the uses, abilities and properties of raw materials. Jaroff Design tests new materials and finishes for the wind, abrasion, load, seismic action, ultra violet light, delaminating premature aging, salt & chemical reactions, solar energy production, sound transmission and dampening and thermal performance, etc.

Budgeting & Estimating and Value Engineering Services

Jaroff Design’s value engineering services provide line-by-line costs as well as alternatives allowing clients the ability to realize their design criteria while remaining within budget. JD also provides cost benefit analysis or sustainable building options.

Shop Drawings & Detailing

JD establishes program requirements and defines all materials from the onset of a project to avoid costly technical problems with assembly, structure and fabrication that could occur down the road.

Production Samples & 3D Modeling

JD provides 3D CAD Virtual Models or 3-D printed models to help clients visualize the final project. Full-scale mock-ups can be provided for discovery testing and design concepts.

Fabrication Services

Jaroff Design’s fully-equipped shop provides custom architectural metal and glass for clients worldwide. Fabrication specialties include laser-cutting, water-jet cutting, bending stretch forming, etc.

Installation Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

JD provides on-site installation by a team of project manager, craftsmen and crew to ensure that everything comes together perfectly. JD coordinates with other contractors on-site and owner’s reps to handle the confluence of materials, protecting delicate finishes and edges to ensure the final product is flawless for delivery. While we are based in New York crews can be coordinated locally or nationally.