Coenties Slip Sculpture
New York, NY

Cast Glass Pedestal, Pavers and Integrated Lighting System, 2006

Jaroff Design worked with renowned sculptor Bryan Hunt on this NYC Public Art Commission. Hunt wanted to balance his curving metal sculpture with a bell-shaped pedestal out of custom cast glass, but was unsure whether that could be done. Drawing on our expertise in combining integrated lighting and custom glass fabrication, Jaroff Design developed and then fabricated the solution – casting the bell in numerous individual pieces installed around a supportive metal core. The pedestal appears to magically support the massive sculpture and its interior lighting system, devised by lighting designer Dale Knoth, illuminates the surface with a glowing green tone. Additional light comes from below the ground, where a mirrored finishing on the base of our inlaid decorative backpainted glass pavers reflects the light from the pedestal upward. Together, the cast glass and architectural lighting components provide the perfect accentuation for the upward swirl of the cast stainless steel.