Glance Sculpture

Fifty-Foot Cast Glass and Steel Sculpture, 2008

Simple in shape, yet imposing in scale, striking in its transformation of light, yet delicately slender, Glance is a cast glass and stainless steel artwork by Joseph Jaroff. Drawing on his knowledge of materials gained from twenty-five years working with architectural glass and metal, this sculpture employs complex new casting techniques in combination with forged metal for an artistic end. The 50-foot (15.2m) crystal cone, an engineering feat unto itself, rises like a spire of light from a stainless steel base and recalls traditional monumental forms, such as the Egyptian obelisk, as well as the sleek minimalism of contemporary skyscrapers. During the day, the glass reflects and diffuses the changing light and color of the sky, and at night, the sculpture glows from within, through a hidden integrated lighting system. Currently, the work is on view in Shanghai, China. For sales inquiries, please contact