Architect: Andrew Berman

© David Leventi, 2011

One of the city’s most renowned contemporary art spaces, MoMA PS1 showcases experimental artists inside a former school building and its large front courtyard. Tasked with updating the museum’s main entrance, Andrew Berman Architect designed a new steel and glass pavilion for the institution, the main element of which was a monumental set of painted steel and glass doors. Fabricated and installed by Jaroff Design & Mison Concepts, the doors’ streamlined design layers the glazing flush to the doorframe, creating a seamless surface.

These technically-challenging doors (weighing over 4,000 pounds) and the frame had to structurally support the other key addition – a concrete marquee cantilevered over the sidewalk. They also needed to fit with absolute precision being insized between the poured concrete floor and roof. Facing the entrance, the glass façade appears to be split in half; in fact, one side is a 10’x11’ swinging door that can be opened in conjunction with the adjacent openings to create a 22’ portal for parties & events, or to stage large works of art inside the space. Together, these doors also enclose a new entry space between the street and the courtyard for ticketing, book sales, and visitor information. This installation received AIA NY’s Design Award in 2012.