Ross School Building 2 (Arts Facility Building)
East Hampton, NY

Overall Building Design and Fabrication of All Glass and Metal

Founded by Courtney Ross, widow of AOL Chairman Steve Ross, the Ross School set out from the beginning to be a visionary and inspirational approach to education. Joseph Jaroff worked closely with Ms. Ross to understand the philosophy of the school, which he then wove into the concept of an interactive, porous and high-tech arts facility. This project extended past our traditional role providing custom glass and architectural metal fabrication, to include everything from the overall architectural plan for the building to the detailed, custom furniture designed to integrate new technologies into every desk. Forming the core of the arts building is a two-story spiral learning center and editing suites constructed out of wood, patinated steel and laminated glass panels and partitions. Surrounding the central video editing facility, Jaroff Design’s custom movable chairs and desks allow students to watch the professionals at work through sound-proof glass laminated with a light fabric to give the right balance of visibility and privacy. The spiral itself was designed to be both sculptural and functional. The acrylic sunshades fanned across the top limit glare, hide the integrated lighting system, and give a sense of energy and upward motion to the space. The corten steel structure supports workstations and interactive displays, but also hides internet jacks, plug-ins for live feed monitors and power sockets in its hollow columns.