September 11th Memorial
Hoboken, New Jersey

Monlithic glass and stainless steel

Jaroff Design is honored to have fabricated the new September 11th Memorial for the City of Hoboken. Located in Pier A Park, the memorial is aligned with the World Trade Center across the Hudson River and runs parallel to the Living Memorial of Ginko Trees that were planted in 2002.
This memorial consists of 56 monolithic glass plaques etched with the names and birth dates of the Hoboken residents who gave their lives in 2001, and two end caps that display the consecration written by the City of Hoboken. Paying homage to Ground Zero, the base of the memorial is made of stainless steel IBeams and houses separate light boxes to illuminate each plaque.
Jaroff Design also created stainless steel plaques that are embedded in the ground and part of the park landscape. Each is engraved with a memory or statement of an onlooker who watched the attacks from Pier A Park on that fateful day in 2001.
To see the video of the consecration, click here.