Le Cirque 2000
New York, NY

Stainless Steel & Neon Ellipses, Torches, Bar and Bronze Doors

“When the ring master turns the lights out, and spins the baton over his head, I want to see the rings of Saturn,” was how designer Adam Tihany envisioned the redesign for New York’s legendary, five-star restaurant, Le Cirque. The challenge however was that it needed to be done without having any permanent effect on the landmarked Villard House in which it was to be located. Jaroff Design proposed the elliptical stainless steel and neon rings as a integrated lighting solution that would be supported by free-standing torches. The torches also anchor the bar and are topped by acrylic flames. The bar itself was designed to be completely self-sufficient and movable, with its own internal plumbing and water basin since no pipes could be run to it. In addition to the custom metal fabrication for the rings, torches and illuminated, fiber-optic bar, we designed a sculptural clock to playfully represent the passage of time by crossing the room on a cable system – the ultimate tight-rope walker for this conceptual circus. In a very different style, Mison Concepts, created an exact historical replica of the bronze entry doors of the Villard House, in accordance with landmark requirements.