Muse Hotel
New York, NY

Stainless Steel & Frosted Glass Marquee, Columns and Detailing

For this new Time Square hotel, Architect Philip Koether and Joseph Jaroff designed a uniquely engineered marquee that combined custom glass and stainless steel in opposition to their typical usage. They envisioned a light, loose matrix of thin stainless steel to create the illusion of floating glass. Over this, the textured, frosted and laminated glass, which is illuminated at night, actually provides the strength and architectural integrity to the stainless steel structure. This inversion conveys the mysterious, otherworldly impression that aligns the hovering, glowing marquee with the Muse of the title. In a masterful combination of architectural metal and glass, continuing this updated Greek theme, Mison also fabricated the hotel’s bronze plaques, planters and even the fire hydrants, to create a unified and cohesive facade decor.