The New York Palace
New York, NY

Copper, Bronze & Glass Marquee and Bronze Plaques

When the Sultan of Bruni set out to transform the former Helmsley Hotel into a new 5-star destination, we served as the ornamental metal contactor, and our monumental glass and metal marquee was key to transforming the exterior’s cold, simple lines from the 1970s to a more classic, sumptuous idea of luxury. This ornate patinated copper and glass marquee conveyed a clear, visible change in ownership and style, matching both The Sultan’s personal tastes and the ornamental legacy of the landmarked Villard House that was part of the hotel property and home for the new Le Cirque 2000 (see above). The cornices green rustication created a historic feel through the decorative metal detailing, while the 6-foot bronze emblem announced the new Palace Hotel in brightly lit, golden tones. Set within this metal frame, we utilized custom glass fabrication techniques to create a three-level cascading “glass waterfall” out of curved glass panels. For either side of the entryway, we fabricated bronze placards to promote the hotel and the menus’ for its new restaurants.