Hudson Street Loft
New York, NY

Blackened Stainless Steel, Glass & White-Glazed Steel Interiors

As envisioned by New Zealand architecture firm Fearon Hay, the interior overhaul of this traditional loft called for extensive custom metal fabrication using blackened stainless steel and architectural glass to preserve the wide-open feel of the original floor plan while still providing privacy and distinct living spaces for the family of four. Jaroff Design & Mison Concepts were essential to realizing the project, creating the most significant addition to the apartment – two elevated, soundproof, glass-enclosed rooms for the children. The raised metal platform allows each room’s furniture to be mechanically raised and lowered as needed, and a concealed ceiling track guides curtains along the interior of the tempered glass to offer privacy as desired. The structures themselves are made out of hand-patinated blackened stainless steel, with matching storage carousels housed around the perimeter. Blackened stainless steel continues throughout the space, framing a 1,000 lb glass door that closes off the master bedroom hallway, and customizing the architectural lighting fixtures throughout with the uniquely modulated color pallet. In contrast to the darkened metal, we also contributed more subtle elements including custom fitted and white-glazed steel ceiling raceways to hide all the wires and pipes and mechanical systems for the space, perfecting the minimal white-cube experience in the main living areas and master bedroom. Radiator covers in white-glazed and brushed stainless steel seamlessly mask the heating units and provide shelving along the 300-ft perimeter. In the kitchen, polished stainless steel takes over, as the surface for a cooking island and all the cabinetry, as well as a custom-designed library-ladder allowing the higher shelves to be easily accessible. A second ladder, wall door system and additional custom metal furniture from Mison Concepts adorn the study.