Lincoln Square Penthouse
New York, NY

High-Tech Bathroom in Stainless Steel; Bronze Partition

Joseph Jaroff worked closely with this celebrity client to capture a unique aesthetic and incorporate innovative, high-tech accessories into the bathroom-experience. We created a fully-enclosed, curved shower, primarily in stainless steel and glass, which allowed pan-directional jets to give a shower-in-the-round, and for the space to double as a steam room. We also designed the integrated speakers and sound-system to provide entertainment while relaxing in the bath. The bathroom entry features custom Jaroff designed metal doors, frames and hardware in which the exaggerated gears and handle mechanism express the function of the French door cremone hardware – a relation of form to function for which Joe and the client had a shared appreciation. As custom metal contractors, we designed the mechanics and then fabricated a retractable door for the entertainment room’s projection screen to descend from the ceiling, and created custom lighting fixtures for numerous rooms in the apartment, and a thin woven bronze partition for the living room.