SoHo Loft
New York, NY

Stainless Steel Mesh Loft Walls; Pocket Doors and Windows

A high-concept reinterpretation of the SoHo loft, this Richard Gluckman designed apartment follows the tradition of splitting tall industrial spaces to make a second-level bedroom. However, Gluckman manages to forgo the thick support structures this adaptive plan usually requires by actually suspending the second floor from the ceiling, thanks to the tensile strength in the architectural metal support – a stainless steel mesh perimeter custom fabricated by Mison Concepts. Instead, an ultra thin floor separates the bed from the kitchen, keeping spaces larger and more open, while the mesh partitions allow for flexible amounts of privacy in the sleeping areas, becoming transparent when lit from behind, and opaque when lit from the front. The Mondrian-inspired pocket doors incorporate custom metal and glass fabrication to form interior windows out of blackened steel and alternating squares of clear and colored glass.