Upper East Side Duplex
New York, NY

Grand Foyer and Staircase; Bronze Gate and Decorative Panels

Jaroff Design & Mison Concepts worked in concert as both the custom metal and glass contractor and design consultant to Adam Tihany in order to create opulent and complex Art Nouveau-inspired spaces for this three-story residence. The grand marble and metal staircase leading from the foyer to the second floor was composed of a forged stainless steel support stringer, marble treads, and custom art deco-designed bronze railings. The illuminating dome above the stair is polished silver leaf, surrounded by rings of precious gold leaf, and panels of lit glass. The marble floor of the landing is further inlaid with gold, silver and semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli. Accompanying the curving stair, the fiber optic-lit wall which wraps around the steps uses innovative material texturing in the integrated light box and laminated, frosted glass to give the impress of translucent white onyx. On the second floor, Joseph Jaroff designed the open-framed, decorative forged bronze gate and stainless steel columns that designate entry to the bar area. For the study, we created a series of cast, white bronze elephant panels, split down the middle and inlaid into wooden cabinets to serve as door pulls.