Alexander McQueen
New York, NY

Stainless Steel & Glass Display Modules and Fixtures

When rock-star fashion designer Alexander McQueen landed his first U.S. store in New York City’s Meatpacking District, the space needed to be as otherworldly as his aesthetic. To create the futuristic pod environment, all displays and hangers were to appear as if they seamlessly grew like stalactite from the ceiling and floors. We worked from Studio Architecture’s original concept combining custom glass and ornamental metal displays, developing a solution that would organically join the metal drops to the ceiling, using a white glaze that could match the texture of the other surfaces throughout. Then, we engineered the internal integrated lighting system that illuminates the store from behind strips of frosted glass paneling around the top of each display module. Many of the hanging sections featured cut-out, illuminated shapes of all sizes, serving as flexible showcases for the changing merchandise and the main architectural lighting element for the space.