Barney’s New York City
New York, NY

Lumasite & Blackened Steel Dressing Rooms and Clothing Racks

Updating its classic New York brand of luxury, this famous department store underwent an architectural renovation in 1995 to allow more room for designer labels. Led by architect Annabelle Selldorf, the project’s goal was to increase the light and openness of the upper floors to encourage more flow through the various departments. In support of that aim, we provided custom metal fabrication for the intricately designed, S-shaped, blackened steel clothing racks that were able to be placed loosely throughout the space, increasing flexibility and creating a sense of movement in the clothing display. We also helped develop the design for dressing room “pods” that, rather than being relegated to closets around the perimeter, would be understated, integrated light sources and intriguing sculptural presences on the retail floor. The final result was carefully crafted, blackened steel frames which traced a circular module with panels of frosted Lumasite, with custom light panels.