Discovery Channel Flagship Store
Washington, D.C.

Stainless Steel, Cast Iron & Glass Stairs and Steel Railings & Details

The 30,000 square foot flagship Discovery Channel Store in D.C. was conceived as an innovative blend of themed retail store, science museum and entertainment complex, with floors curated to focus on various subjects, interactive educational, exhibits, computer stations, and an in-store, high-definition movie theater. The three floors were designed to move from modern times at the top, to prehistoric at the bottom. Our custom glass stairs and metal railings reinforce this evolution, with each of the three levels using materials and design appropriate for the time period. Ascending from the basement dinosaur domain, the glass stair was detailed with rusted steel, roughly finished, but kid-safe. For the second level, which represented exploration and discoveries made possible by the Industrial Revolution, we used cast iron railings for the outer structure and glass lens panels for the treads. We also made an industrial bridge across the open stairwell, with prominent cast-iron rivets showing its structure. Lastly, the space-age level was reached by a sleek stainless steel and diamond molded glass staircase, and stainless steel cable railing encircles the perimeter of the mezzanine, protecting children as they gaze down to see the levels below.