I. M. Pleats Please
New York, NY

Green Aluminum Sales Kiosk and Fixtures; Peak-a-boo Façade Windows

Continuing an ongoing relationship with famed designer Toshiko Mori, we worked closely to develop the striking green pallet and unusual peek-a-boo glass store front that make this SoHo boutique so playful and inviting. The downtown New York location for Japanese designer Issey Miyake, I.M. Pleats Please offers a ready-to-wear line of architecturally inspired, pleated and very colorful garments. To accentuate this, the anodized aluminum sales kiosk floats in the center of the space, a crisp, boxy, architectural intervention with folds and cut outs that are both artistic and functional. The custom metal fabrication of the whole module was our responsibility, including developing a system to invisibly suspend the unit and embed custom architectural lighting in its dropped ceiling. The store front invites street views with specially laminated glass windows that only appear clear directly in front of the viewer, obscuring sideways glances into the space, creating a dynamic porthole of visibility that follows the viewer.